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Project Description
The goal of Charisma project is the unification of access to NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and others with provision of contemporary ORMs' common features like persistence ignorance (POCO), LINQ, Context/Repository pattern, fluent configuration combined with NoSQL-specific ones.

Unification of access API means that you no more bound to particular NoSQL database, instead you may switch to another one with ease.

Persistence ignorance (POCO) implies that you model your domain without any limitations: you don't need to inherit your classes from a base one, implement a specific interface or mark classes and properties with some attributes. Wide range of customizable conventions will help to automatically discover classes and fields that need to be persisted. For complex scenarios fluent model configuration comes into play and provides superior flexibility.

LINQ is the standard de facto for querying data in object-oriented way, it has numerous advantages over ol' string-based queries approach. Charisma makes this available for NoSQL world.

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